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You can find a full schedule for the event here.

Nils Ivar Agøy – “The Dim Echo of the Catcher”
Marcel Aubron-Bülles – “The legends that aren’t ones: Fake quotes, wrong assumptions and the quest for the true text”
Bob Blackham – “Tolkien’s Birmingham”
Jose Maria Miranda Boto – “Law in Tolkien”Lauren Brand – “Cultural perspectives on the Elves in The Lord of the Rings
Jan van Breda – “The trial of Húrin: Justice seen to be done”
Aurelie Bremont – “‘We should look at green again’: of magic, Green elves and the battle of good vs evil”
Marie Bretagnolle – “Artists in Middle-Earth: illustrating The Lord of the Rings
Sara Brown – “Taking Care of the Land: Stewardship in Tolkien’s Middle-earth”
Craig Boyd – “Tolkien’s Egalitarian Moral Impulse and the Evils of Domination”

Denis Bridoux – “Taniquetil: A tale of two cities”
Aslı Bülbül Candaş – “Tutoring Key Stage 5 Students in Tolkien”
Erick Carvalho de Mello – “Over Hill and Under Hill: The Different realities between an academic and a fandom view of Tolkien’s writings in Brazil”
Jane Chance – “Grendel’s Mother and Tolkien’s Women”
Elyanna Choi – “The Medical Profile of Maedhros Fëanorion”
Oronzo Cilli – “Tolkien’s Library: An Annotated Checklist”
Lamont Colucci – “Geopolitics in Tolkien’s Works”
Paul Corfield Godfrey – “Setting The Silmarillion to music”
Joel Cornah – “Tolkien in the TARDIS”
Giovanni Carmine Costabile, Oronzo Cilli – “Tolkien and Italy”

David Doughan – “Reputations”
Ellen Duncan – “Leaving the homeland and finding a home: An exploration of migrations in Tolkien’s works”
Jeremy Edmonds – “‘Independently real, but viewed by a different eye’ – Tolkien’s reactions to others’ Middle-earth art”
Michael Everson – “On devising Runic and Tengwar modes for lesser-used language Hobbits”
Jose Manuel Ferrandez-Bru – “France 1913. Tolkien’s first job”

Bill Fliss – “Into the (Mid)West: The Tolkien Collection at Marquette University”
Michael Flowers – “Tolkien in East Yorkshire”
Troels Forchhammer – “‘I will do my duty to God and the King’ — J.R.R. Tolkien and R.S.S. Baden-Powell”
Lorenzo Gammarelli – “Depth by Paratext: How Forewords and Footnotes Helped J.R.R. Tolkien Develop a Secondary World in The Lord of the Rings
Nelson Goering – “‘It Cries For Such Curses’: Tolkien and Laȝamon”

Shaun Gunner – “Gandalf for President: the Politics of Tolkien”
Michaela Hausmann – “The Worm and the Ring: The Ouroboros as a Pattern in Tolkien’s Legendarium”
Mick Henry – “Tolkien in Hove”
Andrew Higgins – “Four Brethren Heroes of the Gondolindrim – Egalmoth, Ecthelion, Glorfindel and Legolas: A mythic and linguistic exploration”
Penelope Holdaway – “Would you buy a house from the architect of Bimble Bay?”
Thomas Honegger – “Memory, Lore, Knowledge”
Massimiliano Izzo – “On the nature and corporeality of Elves and Fairies according to Tolkien”
Allen Jenkins – “The Aboriginal Outsider: Historical Trauma and Othering in Tolkien’s Legendarium”
Jay Johnstone – “Pauline Diana Baynes – An artists inspiration”
Danko Kamcevski – “Faithlessness and Failed Quests in Tolkien”

Laura Iseut Lafrance St-Martin – “‘On Fairy-Stories’ or the birth of Tolkien’s semiotic theory”
Gloria Larini – “Bilbo, Ulysses and the Greatness of the Unknown”
Jason Lepojärvi – “Companions in Shipwreck: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Female Friendships”
Justin Lewis-Anthony – “Leaf by Niggle by Northwest”
Laura Martin-Gomez – “The formation of Tolkien fandoms in the US, the UK and France”
Una McCormack – “‘Not Worth Doing’: Fanfiction writers and the Fourth Age”
Jamie McGregor – “Knife, Sting, and Tooth: The Lasting Effects of Frodo’s Wounds”
Elise McKenna – “J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion: Negotiating Dichotomies in Landscapes”
Kristen McQuinn – “Not at Home: Liminal Space and Personal Identity in The Hobbit and Coraline”
Zoya Metlitskaya – “Tale of the Children of Hurin and the Redemption of the Fall of Men”

Erik Mueller-Harder – “The lost connections of Tolkien’s first map of The Lord of the Rings: Reconstruction”
Sian Pehrsson – “Rivers of flame and a great reek rising: volcanoes and the horror of the sublime in Tolkien’s Legendarium”
Sian Pehrsson – “‘There he came walking into the woods of Ithilien’: Robert Quilter Gilson and the foundation of Tolkien’s scholar-soldier”
Maggie Percival – “Aratalindalë – The Making of a Myth”
Niamh Riordain – “They come in pints (Tolkien related pubs)”
Alexander Schmitt – “A Mythophilosophical Approach to Tolkien’s Work”
Michaela Schneider-Wettstein – “The Beauty of the Horrendous and the Eerie: the ‘Fantastic’, the ‘Marvellous’, and the Sublime in The Lord of the Rings
Norbert Schürer – “The Shape of Water in Tolkien’s Middle-earth”
Marco Scicchitano – “The educational project ‘Le Nere Lame’ with Tolkien-based background”

Luke Shelton – “The Lord of the Rings, Young Readers, and Question of Genre”
William Sherwood – “Rewriting the British Literary Tradition: Keatsian Echoes in Tolkien’s Early Works”
Murray Smith – “Blessed trees? The White Trees of Gondor and the Royal Oak compared and contrasted”
Anna Smol – “Allegory and Story, Myth and History: Poetic Time Travel in Tolkien’s Works”
Enrico Spadaro – “To the origins of fairy-tales”
Guglielmo Spirito -“A ray of light: the theological vision of Letter 89”
Ian Spittlehouse – “The Wright Stuff”
Kaleigh Spooner – “‘History Real or Feigned’: Tolkien, Scott, and Poetry’s Place in Fashioning History”
Kris Swank – “Travelers in Time: J.R.R. Tolkien and Joseph O’Neill”
Seyed Ebrahim Taghavi – “Epic anticipation and a monstrous hero: Túrin’s figure in context of medieval German heroic epic”

James Tauber – “Tolkien and Digital Philology”
Claudio A. Testi – “Tolkien and Aquinas”
Claudio A. Testi – “Tolkien and the classics”
Ester Torredelforth – “Clothing in Tolkien’s world and what we can see through its historical analysis”
Johanne Tournier – “Tree-love: the role of forests and trees  in J.R.R. Tolkien’s worldview, as evidenced in his life and art”
Christian S. Trenk – “‘where the good here unfinished is completed’ – A Tolkienian Eschatology in “Leaf by Niggle”
Charlie Trimm – “Tolkien’s War Gods: Studying Tolkien’s View of War through the Characterization of Makar and Tulkas”
Renée Vink – “Tolkien’s Devil(s), the Biblical Satan and the Fall”
Sonja Virta – “The source texts for Tove Jansson’s illustrations for The Hobbit
Constance G.J. Wagner – “‘You Have Grown, Halfling!’ – The Scouring of the Shire”

Sarah Rachel Westvik – “Power and Choice in the Second Age: A Political Primer”
Stuart Whitehouse – “Fruitless Victories: The Life and Times of Elrond Halfelven”
John Whitmire – “An Archaeology of Hope and Despair in the Tale of Aragorn and Arwen”
Kate Wilkins – “A comparison of Lord of the Rings with several of themes identified by Paul Fussell in `The Great War and Modern Memory’.
Jessica Yates – “Five or Six Ponies?”