The Masquerade will be the main event on the Saturday evening of Tolkien 2019. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to our members to showcase their costume making talent.

For those who are familiar with the Masquerade at major science fiction conventions, for example WorldCon, what we are planning will be of a similar style—for those familiar with Oxonmoot, the style of entries for the Masquerade will be similar to what we have done there in the last three or four years, but with a small number of entertainments covering the time the judges are deliberating, rather than the Masquerade being a small part of the show.

We are inviting entries in four categories:

Original costume—costume or concept not based on published images, whether painting, drawing or film.

Recreation—costume based on a published image, including film re-creation.

Reprise—costume which has previously been shown at a Tolkien Society event.

Children—entry in which all those presenting the costume(s) are under 16. See above for details.

If you are planning to take part, please take note of the information pack which provides detailed information about the event. Please read it carefully, and if you have any questions which aren’t covered, please don’t hesitate to email us.


In particular, please note two points which are covered in more detail in the pack:

We need you to complete the online entry form not later than Friday 26th July

We will need you to attend a rehearsal so we can ensure we can co-ordinate your presentation with sound and lights – we will be in touch when we have a process for you to sign up for rehearsal times.

We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham in August. If you have any questions, contact Mike Percival: masquerade [at] tolkien2019 [dot] com