Lauren Brand

Lauren Brand

Lauren Brand was introduced to The Lord of the Rings through the Bakshi / Zaentz movie.   She devoured The Lord of the Rings in a week-long-nocturnal-under-the-sheets-with-a-torch reading marathon aged 13 and her love of Tolkien’s works has grown ever since.  She was inspired to study linguistics at university, but that was a very long time ago!  After work, she enjoys collecting Tolkien-alia from second-hand book and charity shops, watching native birds splashing in the bird bath out her windows, and bicycle riding along the great cycle ways of Canberra, Australia.

“I first read The Lord of the Rings in my first year at High School in Wagga Wagga, Australia, aged 13.  And The Silmarillion and The Hobbit.

I fell in love with these works so deeply that I would re-read them in the car on long road trips around the south east of Australia with my family.  I took endless notes on the words in other languages for a dictionary I developed.  I also noted down every character, their various names, dates of birth and death, marriages, children, political and cultural groups, and titles.  I found out far more than what Tolkien put in the genealogies in appendices.

I then used the largest piece of blank paper I could find, painstakingly joined the family trees together, and copied Tolkien’s heraldic badges to make this work.  No calligraphic skill required!

Because of the age of this work it is starting to remind me of the Book of Marzarbul.

In it you can journey from Finwë and Fëanor to Aragorn, Arwen and Eldarion.  Enjoy!”