John Lowe

John Lowe
  • Tolkien artist
  • Exhibiting in art show

“Tolkien’s books fill our imagination with descriptions of unusual treasures and artefacts which sound almost impossible to exist in the real world. These wondrous objects often had special properties and were coveted by others.

Examples include;

The Arkenstone, The Silmarils, The Nauglamir, The Palantir of Orthanc, The Light of Eärendil and The Fëanorian Lamp.

The challenge of finding ways to re-create these iconic items is something John Lowe has enjoyed for the past 8 years.  John is a somewhat reclusive artist who works alone in his studio and workshop in Lincolnshire, UK. By utilising modern-day technology and his own inventive skills John creates a small number of iconic items that meet some of the descriptions given by Tolkien.

The display will feature a life-size replica of “The Nauglamir” as depicted by illustrator Ted Nasmith”

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