What's on - Daytime Activites

The event proper starts at lunchtime on Wednesday 7th August 2019. Following on from the Opening Ceremony, you can expect:

  • Talks: over 90 talks from Tolkien scholars, academics and fans, from members and non-members from the UK and across the world.
  • Art show: Taking place at the Medicine Bakery – open free to the public – and open at the same time as the bakery is (8.30am till 6.30pm Monday to Saturday) this will have over a dozen Tolkien artists and feature the Tolkien tapestries, the first time they’ve been outside of France.
  • Panels: around 10 panels discussing all manners of Tolkien’s works, such as publishing, illustrating and adapting Tolkien.
  • Workshops: your opportunity to embrace your creative side. Learn how to paint with watercolours, create jewellery, and grow a beard!
  • Archival display: telling the history of the Tolkien Society and displaying the most precious items from our archives.


The Tolkien Society is an educational charity that seeks to promote research in, and educate the public on, the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. The bulk of our daytime events is our talks. We have over 90 talks in total, running over four streams and five days, and you can view our guests and speakers on the dedicated page, as well full programme:


We will also be giving attendees the opportunity to sit down and meet the guests in both dedicated slots for signings, and the koffe klatches. You can find the signings in the programme, and more details on the koffe klatches will be coming in due course.